Who we are
Learning is at the center of all that we do
We reach parents, teachers, and students with the answers they need. Answers they can trust.

We are committed to helping our audiences learn -- whether it be the parent learning how to care for her newborn baby, the teacher learning how to structure a Geometry lesson, or the student learning about the solar system.

We are one of the leading players in the consumer informal learning space.

Our suite of digital, consumer based brands generated over 25m average site visits per month. Between its web and mobile presence, FEN Learning and its sister firm StoryArc Media (previously jointly known as FEN and owned by Sandbox) owns largest integrated digital audience of kids, parents, and teachers in the world. FEN is known as a pioneer in the online informal learning space. Dating back to its introduction of FamilyEducation as one of the first digital parenting informational resources, to launching one of the first digital game/story sites with Funbrain in 1997 and first educational virtual worlds with Poptropica in 2007, the Company has a proven history of setting industry trends rather than following them.

What a great list of ways that parents can help their child become a better reader!" –Christine L.
Our mission & vision
We believe that child development needs good parenting, effective teaching and engaging resources
Our vision is to curate the best content from across the globe and make it available to our audience anywhere and at any time.

Our mission is to create, curate and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent educational and learning content to a clearly-defined audience of parents, teachers and students. Everyday, we focus all our energy and effort in making this mission a success.

Where we operate
Our audience is present in 200+ countries
We aim to reach at every corner of the world and change lives

We have a very diverse audience that comes from diverse cultures and societies. So we keep our content nuetral, fact-based and learning focussed. So whether you are a teacher in South Africa or a mum in Philipinnes or a student in California, we have something that is relevant for what you are doing today and what you are planning to do tomorrow as well.

Fen's testimonials
Our customers says it all about us.
Yes, I appreciate these resources immensely! Thank you!
Cecilia Hamill on Facebook

Excellent printable books and lesson plans.
Teacher from Washington